How many people are accepted? How many people go on the trip?
Only twenty youth are selected to attend. Faith Calls has three dedicated staff selected from the SMU Perkins School of Theology student body that serve as small group leaders. In addition, the director and faculty oversee other moments. Compass Wilderness also has a staff of college students and adults that oversee adventure activities and participate in community life. The youth/adult ratio is over 3/1.

How much does Faith Calls Mountain Academy cost?
The $335 registration fee covers 100% of all student cost for the entire Academy experience. Through generous donations, SMU Perkins School of Theology funds over $15,000 in additional costs per Academy to keep down registration costs for participants.

Can students from outside of the DFW area apply?
Yes. All participants must begin in Dallas on Saturday, June 9th. Students and their families/sponsoring communities will be responsible for all additional travel and lodging needs before 2 pm on Saturday, June 9th and after 3 pm on Saturday, June 16th. 

Are there any required assignments before, after, or during Mountain Academy?
Yes. Students are supplied with and asked to read "A Little Book for New Bible Scholars" before Academy begins. It's an easy read at only 126 pages. During the week of Academy, students will work to answer five short essay questions that they will present to the group on Friday night. They will be supplied with a workbook and journal for their notes and writings.

Is there any mandatory orientation meeting for participants/parents before Academy?
Yes. Applicants and a parent or guardian are required to attend one online meeting for one hour on either May 24th, May 28th, or May 29th at 6 PM. Applicants and parents will be given the login code and phone number. Participants may login by video chat over computer or by audio only by phone.